87% of all textiles used for clothing eventually end up in landfills or incinerators. It is our mission to recover all this resorces for use in green supply chains. Using our innovative process, we are turning unused textile waste streams into new raw materials, and we are also up cycling  plastics fibres and dyes that are usually blended in the textile. By doing so, we save textiles from incenerations  and replace the need of new raw material, plastics and dyes at the same time,  transforming complex waste streams into a circular and profitable flow. 


Transform fibers waste to the next generation solutions


100 billion garments of clothing are produced annually, yet 87% of all material used for clothing ends up in landfills or incinerators. 


BioFashionTech recycling technology turns textile waste into valuable raw materials and intermediary products with minimal environmental impact.


BioFashionTech converts textile waste efficiently and sustainably

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How much water is needed to make a T-Shirt?​

Everyday, we try to be more conscious of our water usage, but there is something that all of us own that consumes 900 days worth of drinking water. Our favorite cotton T-Shirts!

How can one cotton T-Shirt consume so much water?​

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